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One of the most frequent complaints we hear from homeowners is that they feel like their countertops have become worn or outdated, but replacing them is not a priority in the remodeling budget. The obvious solution to this problem is to simply refinish your countertops. Refinishing your countertops is only a fraction of the cost of replacing them, and still leaves you with the appearance of brand new countertops. And with the wealth of options for different styles and textures, there will be no problem in matching your new countertops to the rest of your décor.

Another benefit of refinishing is that it takes much less time than entirely replacing the countertops. Depending on the complexity of the job, refinishing can take from a few hours to two days of work, when compared to the weeks it can sometimes take to cut, assemble, and finish new countertops. If you have been contemplating replacing your countertops, consider a simple refinishing job instead.

Do refinished countertops have a noticeable smell?

Your refinished countertop will initially have a smell similar to fresh paint, due to the solvents in the top coat. However, this odor will be mostly gone within a few hours, and for all intents and purposes totally gone within a day of the topcoat being applied.

Will my countertops look like they have been painted?

Not at all. A wide variety of effects can be achieved with this process, from the appearance of new laminate to natural stone or another solid surface. You do not need to worry that your countertops will look like they have been cheaply repainted.

How should I care for my refinished countertop?

Refinished countertops don’t require any special care. Just clean and care for them the same way you would any other new countertop. Avoid harsh abrasives and bleach, and your refinished counter will look great for years.

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